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We had our sights set on Hydra island when we first envisioned the Aegean Summer collection. Hydra has a nostalgic flair of a bygone era and an energy that simply needs to be experienced firsthand. Sure, it's conveniently located near Athens, where we're based out of but the lack of cars blanket the beautiful island with a peace and quiet that one imagines in a different time. Another world entirely, Hydra immediately disconnects you from the chaos of city life. We wanted to capture that vibe for our collection. One of simpler times, of breaking bread with family and friends around a table; evening dinners alfresco with fresh fish of the day and views of the sun setting over the Aegean.

The port of Hydra is one of the prettiest we’ve seen. Quaint and small and yet somehow manages to lack nothing at all. The clock tower sits tall and acts as a gathering place for locals and tourists alike; while jabber of foreign tongues, orders of ice cold freddo cappuccino, a Greek, Summer staple, buzz in the cafes.